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In a normal booking year, September to November sees an obvious rush to get golf trips confirmed for the following year. “Let’s get booked before Christmas and make sure we get tee times and hotel availability”.

2021, like 2020, has been different. The relaxation of travel restrictions has seen an increase in late summer and autumn bookings this year, which has been great news. But, 2022 booking comes with a few extra queries.

North Berwick Golf Club

Availability for 2022 in East Lothian

Firstly, there is the possible rearranging of the postponed 2020 and 2021trips. The knock-on effect is that a certain amount of 2022 availability has been taken. However, there is plenty left.

Secondly, there is still the uncertainty of travel. There is no doubt this is improving, but it may mean that booking will push into 2022. We want to put you at ease when planning your trip.

Thirdly, get in quick whilst tee times and rooms are there. We know you won’t be disappointed.

In an unashamedly biased focus on Scotland’s Golf Coast, we want to help you decide that 2022 is THE year for playing golf in East Lothian.


Where to go on your next golf trip?

Picture the scene! There’s a group of 8 golf pals in the clubhouse after a late autumn 18 holes. Conversation turns to next year’s golf trip. The pals have played together for over ten years and have been all over the UK and Europe.

“Where shall we go on our golf trip next year? We should get it booked.”

“I really fancy Scotland this year. It’s really easy to get to and there are so many courses to choose from”.

“Yeah, but what about the weather?”

“That’s the beauty of golf in Scotland. It’s the Home of Golf, no matter the weather, that’s how golf should be played, come rain or shine. Also, it’s not just about the golf, it’s the hospitality, the history, the laughs, the memories.”

“Where’s Scotland’s Golf Coast?”

“OK, so where in Scotland, there are almost 600 courses? Highlands, Ayrshire, Fife, East Lothian?”

“Good question. I’ve been seeing Scotland’s Golf Coast promoted and written about a lot. It sounds perfect for us, but I am not entirely sure where it is.”

“East Lothian is officially Scotland’s Golf Coast. The Edinburgh coast. You fly to Edinburgh, then there are 21 courses in East Lothian within 50 minutes of the airport. There’s a brilliant mix of courses. They have the highest concentration of Championship courses anywhere in the world, golf courses that won’t break the bank and loads of different bed and breakfasts, self-catering and hotels to choose from. I have heard a little rumour that there’s a micro-climate too!”

“Alright, now I’m interested, but I need to know more. What golf courses will I know?”

“Gullane, North Berwick, Muirfield, surely you know them? But, there are so many to choose from. The Championship courses are fantastic and they are on many bucket lists, but because we have a mix of ability and budgets in our group, we can look at other links courses, like Kilspindie, Dunbar and Craigielaw. Accommodation too, there are so many places to stay. We should sit down and look at our options. There are hotels like the Marine in North Berwick and Duck’s in Aberlady, resorts like Craigielaw, luxury accommodation like Garleton Lodge, bed and breakfasts like Seaholm and many more. Here’s a link to download the guide so you can see them all. I sound like I work for Scotland’s Golf Coast, but this guide makes it seriously easy and the website has all you need to know.”

Garleton Lodge - 2022 Golf East Lothian

Golfing towns

“I remember now, the Scottish Open was in East Lothian this year. I read about all those courses, I couldn’t quite believe it. Don’t forget we like a pint too though, so is there enough to do once we’ve finished playing.”

Of course. North Berwick, Aberlady and Gullane have some great pubs and restaurants, they are proper golfing towns. They have a brilliant, lively atmosphere, with accents from all over the world. Also, Edinburgh is only 30 minutes in a taxi from some of the hotels.”

“Votes for 2022 Golf in East Lothian? Surely I’ve done enough to sell it to you?”

Bucket-list, hidden gems and less known courses

“Brilliant, 8 out of 8, magic. I should be on commission. Alright, let’s all have a look at the guide and the website, see where we want to play, decide on a budget, then finalise after our round next week. Personally, I want to play a bucket-list, a hidden gem, perhaps mix it up with a less known course for 9 or 18 one afternoon, then an Open qualifying course. A nice, homely, local fish and chips, followed by a couple of beers and a wee dram. Sounds like the perfect golf trip to me.”

“A what?”

“A wee dram. A whisky. If you read on the Scotland’s Golf Coast website, there are plenty of their hotels offering an amazing selection, plus there’s the Glenkinchie Distillery in East Lothian, home of Johnnie Walker.”

The Glen Golf Club Bass Rock “I’m in. Can’t wait. Let’s get this booked before it is all full. I know 2022 in Scotland is going to be a busy year for golf.”

“It seems like we deserve to head to Scotland to play. We’ve been waiting a while. Ideal. Brilliant suggestion.”

Easy as that

It’s as easy as that. We look forward to welcoming you in 2022 in East Lothian, when it’s sure to be another fantastic and memorable year on Scotland’s Golf Coast. The website, our guide, newsletter and social media really do make the booking process very easy. We will make sure you make up for lost time. And don’t forget, feel free to get in touch, we are more than happy to advise and recommend.